YooHoo & Friends (lost English dub of Korean animated series; 2012)

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YooHoo & Friends.png

Father Time standing next to the YooHoo & Friends logo.

Status: Lost

YooHoo & Friends was a 2012 English dub of the Korean animated TV series of the same name, created by David Feiss (Cow and Chicken, I Am Weasel). The series is produced by Toonzone Studios, and written by Thomas Krajewski.


YooHoo & Friends is about five executives who destroyed the Earth for money. Mother Nature notices this and tells her husband Father Time, voiced by Flavor Flav, to fix the mess. He turns these five into cute, fluffy animals, and their quest is to save the planet from eco-disasters and find gems that Father Time leaves them so that they can make their wish to become human again. The plot, episodes, and animation were changed from the original Korean counterpart to appear more to western audiences.


1 The YooHoos Meet Father Time Lost
2 Hydro Pain Lost
3 Rookie Monster Lost
4 Water You Talkin' About Lost
5 Sugar Babies Lost
6 Mane Wreck Lost
7 Gone Wishin' Lost
8 Scare Play Lost
9 King Frowny Face Lost
10 Salt Lick City Lost
11 Hairy Water Lost
12 Fruit of the Doom Lost
13 Gorilla My Dreams Lost
14 The Pelican Grief Lost
15 Happy Loves Martha Lost
16 Mummy Dearest Lost
17 Radioactive Bird Jewelry! Lost
18 Handsome Is My Maiden Name Lost
19 Let's Talk Turkey Lost
20 Loonee Sings the Blues Lost
21 The Secret of Stonehenge Lost
22 Ring Ring the Panda Lost
23 The Plastic Grapes of Wrath Lost
24 The Missing Lynx Lost
25 Mole Berries Lost
26 Say Freeze Lost
27 Squirrel of My Dreams Lost
28 Cry Me a River Lost
29 The Tree of Wife Lost
30 Eau de Toilet Lost
31 Dr. Platypus and the Flying Squirrels Lost
32 Worms of Endearment Lost
33 The Nasty Book Lost
34 Nasty Rhinoplasty Lost
35 The Return of Dr Platypus Lost
36 Bloodthirsty the Penguin Lost
37 The Venus Man-Trap Lost
38 Shaolin Monkey Lost
39 Cactus Makes Perfect Lost
40 Nasty Ads Lost
41 Stoney Island Lost
42 Mach Picchu Macho Taco Lost
43 Bearly News Lost
44 Peanut Butter and Jellyfish Lost
45 Boring Stone People Lost
46 Buffalo Blow Lost
47 Mustache Sauce Lost
48 The Bland Canyon Lost
49 Beaver Dang Lost
50 Frozen Air in a Can Lost
51 Pi Hole Lost
52 The Wish Lost


YooHoo & Friends debuted on Cartoon Network in Venezuelan Spanish[1] and Brazilian Portuguese on January 8, 2012, on the block Movimiento/Movimento Cartoon,[2] as well as Boomerang. In its original English version, it aired on ABC3 (now ABC Me) in Australia on February 15, 2012, and on Pop in the United Kingdom in the same year.

Information about the dub is removed from Toonzone's website, but it is available here. The YouTube clips linked on the page, that are also seen commonly on forums talking about the show, are now removed. They can still be found online via YooHooWorldwide's videos. In addition, the series had a website as well, which is now gone.


All YooHoo & Friends episodes were available on the ABC3 website, but they expired. Episodes were also available on POP's website for a while. Some clips are still online, but most, excluding officially released clips, are in low quality. Episodes were also uploaded to Kametsu by Shaggy, but the links were down. Animation Smears, The Fudge Yeah Cartoon Fatness Wiki, and Maxtaro's Rubbish Blog have some screenshots of the show too.

On November 3, 2016, the entire English dub was uploaded onto YouTube by Shaggy 4457. Shaggy's account was terminated shortly afterwards, but Mario Loyd also had copies on his channel, before he was terminated too. An anonymous user has contacted Shaggy, and he said that when he has a working device, he'd upload the original files for him.

On November 26, Jason Wiggins also uploaded the whole series onto his YouTube account. The source files by Shaggy, however, or a version without the channel watermark, have still remained lost, with Wiggins' uploads being a close equivalent. His channel has since been deleted though, rendering most of the found episodes lost.