Yoshi Racing (lost Argonaut Nintendo 64 pitch prototype; 1995)

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Yoshi in Super Mario 64.

Status: Lost

After they successfully released the Super FX chip-enhanced game Star Fox in collaboration with Nintendo for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1993, British game developer Argonaut Games came up with the idea for a virtually new type of game: a 3D platformer.

They threw together a prototype game of this genre featuring Nintendo's character Yoshi.

When they showed Nintendo the game, Nintendo rejected it, not willing to take the risk of entering an entirely new field with an outside developer.

This was the final blow to the two companies' relationship, as Nintendo soon released their own 3D platformer for the new Nintendo 64 console, Super Mario 64, which ended up using several of the ideas Argonaut implemented in their Yoshi prototype. Shigeru Miyamoto later apologized to them.

This prototype has never surfaced, and no one outside the two companies has seen any material related to it.

The prototype became widely known to the public after the website Eurogamer mentioned it in an article about Argonaut's and Nintendo's partnership on Star Fox.[1] While the Eurogamer article describes the game as a platformer, a 2005 post on a fansite of the Croc video game series[2] (The author claimed to have visited Argonaut's office in 1999) and a post by an Argonaut employee on the message board NeoGaf[3] instead refers to it as a racing game. The NeoGaf post also claims the game was named Yoshi Racing.

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