Zombie Hunger 1 and 2 (lost Richard Kern shorts; 1984)

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Alleged screenshot, taken from mubi.com.

Status: Lost

Zombie Hunger and Zombie Hunger 2 are two 1984 short films by Richard Kern, some of his earliest work.[1][2] He is best known for his bizarre and subversive short films, which were part a 70's-80's New York-based "No Wave Cinema" film movement. Kern's films are distinguishable by their sexual content, violence, unique color schemes, and appearances by notable underground figures such as musician Lydia Lunch.

Filmmaker/photographer Richard Kern.

There are conflicting sources on what the shorts are about. Trashfilm Roadshows by Johannes Schonherr claims it features a man smashing up his apartment in a violent rage, only leaving the cameraman undamaged,[3] while mubi.com's entry for the film (which also features an alleged shot from the film) claims it is about a group of junkies shooting up on heroin and then vomiting.[4] The latter claim is also supported by a PDF contained on Kern's website regarding Zombie Hunger 2.

Little else is known about these two shorts. The shorts have not been released in any form, and it's unknown if any copies of them still exist.


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