Zoobabu (partially found Mexican dub of Spanish children’s TV series; 2013-2015)

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Screencap of the video with the only episode of the Mexican dub available to this day.

Status: Partially Found

Zoobabu is a 2011 Spanish preschool cartoon made by a studio named BRB Internacional. Each episode only lasts two minutes and revolves around a white talking box giving clues about the animal it is going to turn into to a child voiceover that attempts to guess said animal. The series got various licenses during 2012 for its worldwide exhibition. In Latin America, the series was picked up by cable channel Discovery Kids.[1] For its exhibition on said channel the series was dubbed to Latin Spanish on Mexican studios Candiani Dubbing Studios (also known as Audiomaster Candiani or Estudios Candiani), with voice actress Annie Rojas (nowadays known for voicing Chloe Bourgeois and Starlight Glimmer on the Mexican dubs of Miraculous Ladybug and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, respectively) doing the child voiceover previously mentioned. That dub aired during Discovery Kids’ commercial breaks from 2013 to 2015; however, during that time no direct uploads of said dub’s episodes into Youtube or any other platform were made, causing it to fall into obscurity.

On 2015 (the same year the series stopped airing on Discovery Kids), however, the series received a new Latin Spanish dub made in Venezuela, with voice actress Jhaidy Barboza (known for voicing Lina Inverse and Emily Elizabeth on the Venezuelan dubs of the Slayers anime and Clifford the Big Red Dog, respectively) stepping in as the voiceover. Said dub aired on American Spanish-language public television channel V-me and got distributed on platforms like Youtube (where the series has various official channels) and Netflix.[2] This caused the series’ previously discussed Mexican dub to fall more into obscurity, with its episodes being therefore much harder to find. However and previously, on December 6th, 2014, a Youtube user by the name of José angel Hernández (nowadays known as MexicanDominoPro8) uploaded the recording of a 2014 Discovery Kids commercial break that included a whole episode with the Mexican dub (the stingray episode to be exact) as a part of said break (that video is on the left below). To this day this is the only sample of the dub to surface online; its remaining 103 episodes (as the series has 104 in total) are yet to be found.


Recording of a Discovery Kids commercial break that includes the only episode of the Mexican dub available to this day (episode between 0:33 and 2:33; notice how in the end of it a male voiceover indicates that the series was dubbed on a certain Candiani Dubbing Studios).
Sample of the nowadays available Venezuelan dub.

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