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|imagecaption=Credit Image
|imagecaption=Credit Image
|status=Partially found
|status=Partially found
|comment=A part of a song was shown in the movie, The rest of the song remains to be unknown, there was full songs for other tracks for  the rest of the movie
|category=Lost animation; Lost audio; Lost music
|tags=animation; jetsons; hanna-barbara; cartoon network; film; 1990; music; animated film; soundtrack; time warner; warner bros
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[[Category:Needing work]]
[[Category:Needing work]] [[Categoy:Lost audio]]

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Credit Image

Status: Partially found

In the Jetsons movie 9:07 -9:23 the song is played using it as a scene transition but no full version seems to exist. It's not on the soundtrack or has been released publically by the artists. In the credits, it seems to be the Second song on the list but the first original composition made specifically for the movie. Shown in the credits around the 1:21:15 mark.

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https://www.discogs.com/Various-The-Jetsons-The-Movie-Original-Motion-Picture-Soundtrack/release/2993558 Categoy:Lost audio