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|title=<center>Modern Guilt (tracks from Beck)</center>
|title=<center>Modern Guilt (tracks from Beck)</center>

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The cover art for Beck's 2008 album "Modern Guilt".

Status: Lost

In 2008, Beck released his 11th studio album "Modern Guilt". Upon being asked about the album's title track, he said the following:

"I'd recorded about 10 or 15 songs and then I did the song 'Modern Guilt' and I remember my engineer [Drew Brown] and Danger Mouse just lighting up. It was the first time I got a reaction on anything we were working on. It just felt that there was something in that song that rang true for everyone around and what we were doing and it felt like it was definitely a point where it was like, "OK, now we're on to something, this is what it's about.'" 

"After that, I started just getting rid of all the songs that sounded like they could be something that could be on Midnite Vultures or Guero, things that were a bit more playful or humorous or however you want to qualify it, and kind of pursuing just the feeling that that song had," he says. "So that's the song that really shaped the record. That was the first time I've ever done that. Where all of a sudden a song came up and it had such a distinctive feeling to it I just went with that."[1]

Currently, there is no information on any of the tracks he recorded before scrapping these sessions, and it is unlikely they will ever be released due to the album's lukewarm reception and poor sales.