Ōkami Tachi no Yabō (lost build of cancelled baseball-themed adventure game for Famicom; 1990)

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Okami title.jpg

Title screen

Status: Lost

Ōkami Tachi no Yabō (狼たちの野望, The Ambition of Wolves) is a cancelled Famicom adventure game by Jaleco. The game had never been reviewed in Japanese specialized magazines such as Famitsu and few details were known about it, but some details became available after a prototype ROM was shown to the public in 2016.


A prototype ROM was displayed for the first time at the "Jaleco Exhibition" on December 10, 2016, where it was first revealed that this is a command-selection baseball adventure game[1].

Thumbnail of Game Cruisin's Ōkami Tachi no Yabō second gameplay livestream.

On January 6, 2017, the game was played on Game Cruisin, a livestream channel by City Connection, which owns Jaleco's intellectual property, where some more game details were revealed[2][3][4]. The plot of the game is that the main character, a military academy dropout, is scouted as a baseball player, gathers members to form a team, and plays against other teams in order to make it to the majors. During the game, the opposing player commits seppuku (ritual suicide) with a Japanese sword, and the main character gets out of a tight spot by imitating a snake charmer, etc. The game was revealed to be quite bizarre.
There were three live streams of this game, but they were not archived and the gameplay is no longer available for viewing.

Release Announcement

On June 4, 2019, City Connection president Nobuhiro Yoshikawa tweeted that Ōkami Tachi no Yabō and another unreleased Famicom game Soldam, would be available for release[5].
However, as of January 2023, there has been no further news on the release of the game.


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