13 Queens Boulevard (partially found sitcom TV series; 1979)

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13 Queens Boulevard cast.JPG

A still of the cast.

Status: Partially Found

13 Queens Boulevard is a 1979 ABC sitcom created by Richard Baer and developed by Bud Yorkin, Bernie Orenstien, and Saul Turtletaub (from What's Happening!!).

The show debuted on March 20, in the time slot that usually occupied Taxi, and then aired four more episodes opposite The Ropers before it was cancelled (three more were aired over the summer, but one episode, "The Lift", remains unaired).


The plot revolves around a group of people living in an apartment complex on 13 Queens Boulevard, Queens NY. The main characters were Felicia and Steve Winters (Eileen Brennan and Jerry Van Dyke respectively), Felicia's best friend and the recently divorced Elaine Dowling (Marcia Rodd), Mildred Capestro (Helen Page Camp), and her two daughters Annie and Jill (Susan Elliot and Louise Williams respectively).[1]


The show has been never re-aired since its initial airing. Only two videos, containing variations of the opening credits and about 5 minutes of footage of the pilot, in addition to a few publicity stills have surfaced.

Episode List

Episode Synopsis Status
1. For Better or Worse On their 15th anniversary, Steven announces that he is transferring to Ohio. Partially Found
2. Reunion Elaine doesn't want to go to her 20th high school reunion because she might run into her ex-husband. Lost
3. No Room at the Top Elaine gets a job that seemed perfect for Felicia's husband. Lost
4. The Younger Man Elaine has an affair with a 23-year-old man. Lost
5. Playing Around Felicia's friends see Steven at a night club with a woman. Lost
6. Thoroughly Modern Mildred Mildred spends the night with a guy she met at a party. Lost
7. Italian Holiday Felicia wants to resume an affair with an Italian she met 20 years ago. Lost
8. Like Mother, Like Son Lois' ex-husband wants custody of their son because he doesn't think the upbringing is macho enough. Lost
9. The Lift Unknown Unaired

All plot synopses taken from TV Guide. [2]


The regular opening credits (includes what may be footage from another episode at the very end).
The full credits, and the first five minutes of episode 1, recorded off of WLS-TV 7 Chicago.