40 Winks (found Nintendo 64 port of PlayStation 3D platformer; 1999-2000)

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40-Winks N64 Piko Release Box Cover.png

The box art for the Piko Interactive release.

Status: Found

Date found: 29 Jan '08 (prototype) / Nov '19 (official release)

Found by: gorgyrip (prototype) & Piko Interactive (official release)

40 Winks was a platformer game developed by EuroCom for the PlayStation in 1999. While the game received mixed reviews, development on a Nintendo 64 port began and was set for a 2000 release date. The Nintendo 64 port of 40 Winks was very far into development, having even received a review from the Official Nintendo Magazine. In late 1999, the publishers began debating whether or not they should release the game for the Nintendo 64, with IGN calling its future "uncertain."[1] Ultimately, they decided against it, and the port went unreleased.

A Troubled Development

As mixed reviews came in for 40 Winks, the parent company GT Interactive was starting to be affected by the commercial failure of 40 Winks on the PlayStation. In order to stay afloat, GT Interactive started to sell off assets and downsize the development team working on the Nintendo 64 port. Despite all of these efforts, the port was cancelled in 2000, even though the port was covered in a lot of gaming magazines.


Even though the English, Spanish and Italian prototypes were released on popular ROM-hosting websites, and can be easily be discovered through a simple Google search, on February 12th, 2018, Piko Interactive a game development and publishing company that concentrates on licensing and finishing new and unreleased/unfinished video games for retro video game consoles launched a Kickstarter to officially release 40 Winks on the Nintendo 64.[2] The Kickstarter raised $131,252 with 1,709 backers by the deadline witch not only got 40 Winks released on Nintendo 64 but as well as Microsoft Windows and Steam on November of 2018. Nintendo 64 version not only got a physical release with complete with box and manual but also got a "Special Edition" release with a black coloured game cartridge, artbook, poster, POG, and CD containing the Soundtrack, Piko also released a limited amount of "Special edition N64 40 Winks controllers" along with the game.[3]


Magazine Scans

Box Covers

The Original Kickstarter Stretch Goals