A.E.S. Hudson Street (partially found ABC sitcom; 1978)

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The cast on the set of A.E.S. Hudson Street.

Status: Partially Found

A.E.S. Hudson Street was an American sitcom that aired from on ABC from March 23, 1978, through April 20, 1978. The plot revolves around Dr. Antonio ”Tony” Menzies (Gregory Sierra) who is the chief resident of a run-down, ill-equipped, and underfunded hospital in the inner-city area of New York City. Five episodes were made, but all received mixed reception upon its airing. It did not help that the show aired at a later time and suffered from lower viewership as a result. To this day, only a promotional clip for A.E.S. Hudson Street has surfaced.


A.E.S. Hudson Street centers around the staff and patients at an underfunded and overcrowded emergency ward in New York City. Dr. Tony Menzies (Gregory Sierra) is the chief resident of the hospital which offers "adult emergency services". Having to deal with various patients often in a comedic tone, he aspires to be somewhere else in his medical career. Dr. Tony Menzies is often at odds with the hospital administrator J. Powell Karbo (Stefan Gierasch) as he will not promote Dr. Menzies.[1]


Due to A.E.S. Hudson Street receiving mixed to low ratings and airing at a later timeslot, ABC canceled the show after five episodes. As of the writing of this article, only a short promotional clip of the show has since surfaced


  • Gregory Sierra as Dr. Antonio `Tony' Menzies
  • Rosana DeSoto as Nurse Rosa Santiago
  • Stefan Gierasch as J. Powell Karbo
  • Susan Peretz as Ambulance Driver Foshko
  • Ralph Manza as Ambulance Aide Stanke
  • Ray Stewart as Nurse Newton


Episode List

Episode Synopsis Status
1. Dr. No-No Gregory Sierra heads up a hospital that provides "adult emergency services". Lost
2. In The Black A power outage plunges the Hudson Street Adult Emergency Service into darkness. Lost
3. Shutdown The A.E.S. staff discovers that the funds have been depleted and the Adult Emergency Service must close. Lost
4. Diagnosis: Dead, Prognosis: Good A deceased patient springs back to life, and Dr. Menzies faces the task of breaking the news to his not-so-grieving widow. Lost
5. Dr. Friedman Conditions at the Hudson Street Hospital are enough to make even a strong man break down, but Dr. Paul Friedman really loses his grip and embarks on an inept attempt to take his own life. Lost



A promotional clip from ABC that features A.E.S. Hudson Street.

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