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The show's title card

Status: Partially found

'A Licas e o Zé' was the first Portuguese animated series and it aired on RTP (currently RTP1) during its infancy in the 1950s. The show started specifically in 1957. However, it is unknown for how long it was on TV[1].


The show followed the adventures of the main characters, Licas and Zé and their dog[2]. Unfortunately, there isn't much detail about what the adventures consisted of.


The show was animated and written by Gustavo Fortuna and directed by Artur Ramos[3].


Similar to the BBC, preservation was not in the mind of RTP, at least until the 1980s. As of September 2020, only the show's intro (with placeholder music, since it was lost) has been made available to the public[4].

State of the Art

Since the availabily of the show is extremely low, the show doesn't have a lot of information available. However, it is notable for being the first Portuguese animated show.