A Little Bit Eurovision (partially found RTE Eurovision documentary episodes; 2010)

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Eurovision ep.3.JPG

A screenshot from the third episode featuring Linda Martin.

Status: Partially Lost

In 2010/2011, the RTÉ (the national public service broadcaster of Ireland) produced a seven episode documentary, each featuring all 6 of the Irish winners, as well as an Irish violinist who won for Norway. Each episode detailed the history of each of the singers, how they were invited to the Eurovision Song Contest, what their experiences were at the contest and what they've been up to in 2010. Out of the seven episodes, only 2 are uploaded on the internet, those being Linda Martin's and Niamh Kavanagh's episodes. The remaining 5 episodes, which featured Dana, Johnny Logan, Paul Harrington&Charlie McGettigan, Fionnuala Sherry and Eimear Quinn have been uploaded on the internet, but they've all since then been copyrighted by the RTÉ and cannot be found anywhere online. The documentary was also meant to be a one time airing, meaning that it's highly unlikely that the missing episodes will ever be seen again, unless, of course, the original uploader re-uploads the videos, which is highly unlikely since the user has been inactive since the beginning of 2015.