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   |service2    =youtube
   |service2    =youtube
   |id2          =https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1yS76u2xoeY
   |id2          =https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1yS76u2xoeY
   |description2 =Another commercial for "A Little Bit Strange"(starts at 3:46).
   |description2 =Another commercial for "A Little Bit Strange" (starts at 3:46).

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Production still.

Status: Partially Found

A Little Bit Strange is a television pilot from 1989 that wasn't picked up after airing. The pilot was directed by Jack Shea and based on a story written by Stephen Curwick.[1] It was about an African-American family of sorcerers. According to a review on IMDb, the members of the family were able to conjure up anything (as was possible on prior television shows like Bewitched) and had a strange uncle named Frank who was based on Frankenstein.[2]

The pilot is included in a book about funny unsold pilots written by Lee Goldberg, an American television producer and screenwriter.[3] The pilot's sole airing was on April 23rd, 1989 on NBC.[4][5]

While the pilot has yet to appear online or in any form, it is possible that a home recording on VHS or master copy may exist. The only footage that is on the internet right now is of the two commercials for the show.


The 1st commercial for the show "A Little Bit Strange".
Another commercial for "A Little Bit Strange" (starts at 3:46).


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