A Pyrrhic Victory (partially found unused My Vitriol album tracks; 2000s)

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Cover to the EP.

Status: Partially Found

A Pyrrhic Victory is a four-track EP by shoegazing revivalist band, My Vitriol. It was originally intended to be a full-length follow-up to their 2001 album, Finelines. For unknown reasons, it was only ever released in its short EP format.

Very little information is available on the tracks that didn't make it to the final release. The only evidence of said tracks is a six-minute sampler of eight separate songs, of which only three were ever officially released. The sampler was released as the final track to the fan club-exclusive live album Cast In Amber. The remainder of these tracks has never surfaced in any way.

Studio troubles are suspected as to why the full-length album version was never released. There is a ten-minute long YouTube documentary detailing, very vaguely, the recording process. The documentary seems suspiciously edited to keep it vague as to not let the details loose. It apparently had a longer running time when it originally aired in 2006 on Channel 4. It only aired once and was never seen again. Its running time is often disputed between fans, with some saying that the version on YouTube is indeed the version that was originally aired.


The aforementioned album sampler, the only evidence of the unreleased tracks.
Channel 4 documentary on the recording process of A Pyrrhic Victory.