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The logo for the series.

Status: Partially Found

A Walk in Your Shoes was a live-action television series produced by Noggin, back when the channel was aimed at tweens and teens. After Noggin shifted its target demographic to preschool children, A Walk in Your Shoes changed its timeslot. It was shown on Noggin during its nighttime programming block, The N (which later became TeenNick). The series first aired on April 30th, 2000 and ended on April 26th, 2004, giving it a run of almost exactly 4 years.

Premise[edit | edit source]

Each episode, two very different children, whether the differences be in religion, preferences, or abilities, switch places for a few days. One episode involved a girl from a Jewish religious camp and a girl from a Catholic religious camp switching places for about four days, and another involved an able-bodied boy named Jake living a life similar to the one of his wheelchair-bound friend, Jared, where Jake learns that wheelchair-bound people can still do many of the things able-bodied people can do.

In the end, the two different children learn that the changes each of them experienced while living the life of the other aren't as dramatic or different as they thought they were before.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

A Walk in Your Shoes was a joint venture between Noggin and the National Association of Elementary School Principals. The series was created to promote tolerance and diversity, and Thomas Ascheim, the general manager of Noggin at the time, claimed that the goal of the series was about "educating kids through media", tackling "the heady topics of diversity and tolerance", and "put[ting] it in the hands of the children".[1]

The series had a positive reception; the NAESP very much enjoyed the idea of the series, with one member of the group, Margaret Evans, stating it was a great chance to teach children about respecting others and the idea of diversity. Reportedly, fourth/fifth-grade children were shown the Jared/Jake episode, and it has also been reported that after the religious camps episode, children were able to chat with the two kids featured in the episode.[1]

A Walk in Your Shoes was also broadcast on the main Nickelodeon channel in 2000 as part of the "Noggin on Nickelodeon" block, meant to advertise Noggin's shows when the channel was new.

Availability[edit | edit source]

Despite the positive reception, video content related to A Walk in Your Shoes is unusually difficult to come by on the internet. Only three full episodes and a partial 5-minute clip of a fourth can be found online.

Episode List[edit | edit source]

Title Premise Status
Alaska/Hawaii Two children from different remote areas of the United States switch places, experiencing each other's climate, culture, etc.[2] Lost
City/Country A New York "hip chick" named Megan switches places with a horseback riding champion named Lacey. Megan participates in a rodeo while Lacey learns how to pick up a dog's excrement.[3] Lost
Wheelchair Basketball The aforementioned episode where an able-bodied 11-year old boy named Jake discovers what life is like in a wheelchair. Lost
Candy Store/Camp & Big Boss/4th Grader In "Candy Store/Camp", a 59 year-old grandmother working at a candy store named Pat switches places with a male 10-year old camper named Jared. Pat tries jetskiing and archery while Jared has a difficult time making taffy and counting out change. In "Big Boss/4th Grader", Thomas Ascheim (then-general manager of Noggin as mentioned above) switches places with the 4th grade winner of a sweepstakes contest for the series.[3] Lost
Student/Principal Schylar, a 7th-grade boy, trades places with Dan Prenderville, the principal of Fallsburgh Junior High School. Schylar gets to speak with superintendents, supervise cafeterias and deal with fuming janitors while Prenderville has to sit in school classes and exercise in gym class.[3] Lost
Military School/Commune An Oak Ridge Military School student named Reuben switches places with Tucker, a junior high Arthor Morgan Commune student. At the commune, Reuben does not have to worry about grades and can wear whatever he wants, while Tucker is required to wear a uniform, sleep in a dorm room, and perform military marches and exercises.[3] Lost
Desert/Water A teenage girl named Sarah (who lives on a "40-foot sailboat") trades lives with a 12 year-old boy who lives in the desert named Peter. While in the desert, Sarah camps, motocross bikes, and wind sails on a dry lake. Peter's stay on the sailboat has him go scuba diving, powerboating, and sailing.[3] Lost
Cattle Drive/All That A young home-schooled cattle rancher from Montana named Brianna switches places with Mark Saul, one of the stars of Nickelodeon's All That. Brianna gets to participate as a guest star on All That while Mark "brands" a cow.[3] Lost
Catholic/Jewish The aforementioned episode where one Jewish girl and one Catholic girl switch religious camps for four days.[4] Lost
Juvenile Detention Center A 12 year-old troublemaking football star named Greg is sent to juvenile detention for two days, thinking it will be a fun break from school. However, he soon discovers juvie is not as entertaining and fun as he thought.[4] Lost
Intergenerational Amanda is a girl in the eighth grade, while Claire is an elderly woman living in a retirement home. Amanda meets Claire's friends and realizes things like shuffleboarding aren't as bad as they seem, while Claire discovers how much the school system has changed since the years she went there.[4] Lost
Boy/Girl Mike is a boy who plays football, works out and a person who does not understand girls very well. Dana is a girl whose habits are getting manicures and dancing. Mike and Dana switch roles to experience how it is being the opposite gender.[4] Lost
Big Family/Only Child Claudia is an only child, while Stephanie is part of a family with seven kids, including her. She gives Claudia the chance to temporarily be part of a large family, while she experiences what it is like as an only child.[4] Lost
Bombay/Boston Simone and Amrita live on opposite sides of the world, with Simone living in Boston while Amrita lives in Bombay. Amrita flies over to Boston while Simone takes a trip to Bombay. The two children discover that despite the fact that they live far away from each other, their lives are very similar.[4] Lost
Blind A boy named Mike experiences life through the eyes of his blind friend, Rachel, using special goggles. He learns that even though one may be blind, it does not make them useless.[4] Lost
Weatherman/Student Mark Ewans, a CBS weatherman, switches places with Christina, a ninth grade girl. Ewans does things like eating in a school cafeteria and sitting in math class, while Christina forecasts the weather on national television.[4] Lost
Moscow/New York City Theresa is a "trend-spotter" for a teen magazine from New York City. She switches places with a Russian girl named Polina. In Moscow, Theresa makes friends with some of the Russian children there. Polina takes a visit to MTV Studios, and ends up going on a blind date.[4] Lost
Deaf Nigel is a child whose life depends on music. He learns what it's like to be deaf like his friend, Jerry.[4] Lost
Same Names Two kids, both named Tyler A. Larson seem to have absolutely nothing in common. They switch places, and the episode explores the question if they do have anything in common.[4] Lost
Mother/Daughter & Father/Son A mother switches positions with her daughter while a father switches places with his son. The son takes up the father's job as a marine biologist, while the father takes the son's swimming lessons. The daughter takes up her mother's job as a judge while the mother plays duck-duck-goose.[4] Lost
Asian/Latin Marilyn is from the Dominican Republic while Elizabeth is from Korea. They have never once experienced each other's culture, but when they switch places, they discover that, while their cultures have a lot of differences, they also have similarities.[4] Lost
Cheerleading Camp/Science Camp A cheerleader switches places with a student from a science camp. The cheerleader attempts to build a robot while the science student attempts to be a good cheerleader.[4] Lost
Aaron Carter A child named Nicky switches places with the rapper Aaron Carter, dressing like him and dancing on stage with[?] him.[4] Lost
Muslim Nancy is a Bostonian teenager who has been frequently watching the news since 9/11, and has been told many negative things about Muslims. She has never actually met a Muslim, and wonders if all Muslims are like what the news says. So, she decides to spend some time with a New Jersey Muslim named Miriam. After her experience, she realizes the girls' different religious beliefs don't make them completely different.[4] Found
Rap/Country A country music singer named Chris decides to become a rapper for a short while, while a rapper named Naci the MC decides to take up the role of a country singer temporarily.[4] Lost
Traditional Sports/Extreme Sports Tyler is a wakeboarder who thinks sports like swimming are "for grandmas" and not "extreme" enough. Chris is a swimmer who thinks otherwise, as he participates in the sport himself. So the two kids switch places and participate in each other's sport.[4] Lost
Body Image A cheerleader named Laura thinks a lot about why people are overweight. She thinks obesity happens either due to overeating, not exercising enough, or absolute laziness. Kim is also a sporty person who is very active, plays basketball, participates in competitive swimming; however, she is somehow overweight. With the help of a special suit, Laura attempts to see life through the eyes of an overweight person.[4] Lost
Wrestler/Musical Performer Jonathan is a singer and a dancer who is not very fond of jocks. He, however, switches places with Richie, the captain of the wrestling team. Richie is not very fond of singers, and the episode explores if the boys' opinion of each other's habits will change.[4] Lost
Rodeo/Beauty Pageant "Miss Illinois Teen America" trades places with a Texas rodeo champion.[4] Lost
Hip Hop/Ballet Dancing is about having fun to a girl named Jessica, and is why she dances to hip-hop. However, another girl named Daria claims that dancing is all about training, hard work, and discipline. Jessica and Daria switch places, with Daria attempting to dance to hip-hop while Jessica tries to get good at ballet.[4] Lost
Urban/Rural DJ, a boy from the country, trades places with a "city-slicker" named Elliot, with DJ discovering that people can be peaceful and fun no matter where they live, while Elliot discovers small-town cities are a lot more fun than he thought.[4] Lost
NASCAR Lamott, a 15-year old kart racer, dreams of being able to race in NASCAR one day. He joins rookie racer Jimmie Johnson on the track (without actually driving himself), assisting Johnson's pit crew, and learning it takes a lot of hard work to be a great NASCAR racer.[4] Lost
Homeless A family from Columbus, Ohio, lives life as a homeless family for a few days in order to witness first hand how people affected by poverty and homelessness feel. Found
Spirit/Anti-Spirit An upbeat cheerleader who acts as a mascot switches places with a "rocker" who is strongly against school spirit.[4] Lost
Jordan/America A 16-year old Greensboro, California boy named Jim is the president of his 10th grade class, is a writer for his school newspaper and plays handball regularly. Abdulrahman is a Middle Eastern boy who frequently browses the internet, and also plays handball and football (soccer). However, the two boys are not very fond of their countries' policies and their nationalities as a whole. They soon learn, however, that despite their different nationalities, they still have similarities.[4] Lost
Battle MC/Debate Chad, the champion debater in his school, does not think very fondly of rapping, especially as part of a debate. Sammy is a young MC who does not think debate is for a rapper like him. To settle their differences, the two kids temporarily switch hobbies.[4] Lost
Living With AIDS Tyler is a high school senior who plays on his school's football team, has a girlfriend, and has been an AIDS activist since he was 5 because he was born with HIV. Hydeia is an AIDS activist as well, albeit one who has full-blown AIDS and travels across the country to speak. Trevor is a senior as well, except one who does not know anyone with AIDS and thinks it is very easy to catch. However, after spending time with Tyler and Hydeia for a few days, his viewpoint changes.[4] Found
Girly Girl/Tomboy Kirsten is a girl who likes to attend elegant and formal gatherings and is overall a "girly girl". Violet is a girl who does extreme sports as a hobby and is a tomboy. The two switch places, with Violet learning how to be formal and fancy while Kirsten attempts to "get tough".[4] Lost

Gallery[edit | edit source]

First clip of "Hip Hop/Ballet."

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Second clip of "Hip Hop/Ballet."

References[edit | edit source]