Action 52 (lost build of cancelled Super Nintendo port of unlicensed compilation game; existence unconfirmed; 1990s)

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Cover of the original NES version.

Status: Existence unconfirmed

Action 52 is an unlicensed game compilation consisting mostly of space shooters released in 1991 for the Nintendo Entertainment System. A port to the Sega Genesis was released in 1993. This game compilation gained much notoriety for the poor quality of the games and due to being very expensive, costing $199.[1]

Along with these 2 versions, a Super Nintendo Entertainment System port was planned, but never released. This port was mentioned in a advertising sheet which made to promote the game to any potential retailers.[2] The reason that the port was never released was unknown. It is speculated that the poor reception of the previous 2 versions is the reason why.

Possible Nonexistence[edit | edit source]

No copies of this port have been found. It is not even known if any prototypes were ever made to begin with. In 1996 a warehouse containing games by Active Enterprises such as the cancelled sequel to Action 52 known as Cheetahmen II was found. No prototypes of this port were found inside this warehouse.[3]

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