Adventures in Nutrition with Captain Carlos (partially found Playhouse Disney animated short series; 2004-2007)

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Captain Carlos.jpg

The titular character.

Status: Partially Found

Adventures in Nutrition With Captain Carlos was a series of Flash-animated educational shorts that aired on Playhouse Disney (now Disney Junior).

It centred around Carlos choosing a healthy snack to eat before doing things such as bowling or going to a soccer match when his sister, Maria, tries to get him to eat some junk food (while singing a song about how they "sure look like fun"). A narrator then explains how the two kinds of food can affect your body followed by Carlos eating the healthy snack.


The skits have not aired on either iteration of the network since at least 2008, though there are rumours that there may be some episodes on pre-2009 Playhouse Disney home media releases.

A handful of episodes in English and Spanish have been found across Youtube and Vimeo, but other than that, little footage can be found.


Episodes on Youtube can be found in this playlist, and a rough cut of "Spelling Test" can be found here.