Adventures in Nutrition with Captain Carlos (partially found Playhouse Disney animated short series; 2004-2007)

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The title character

Adventures in Nutrition With Captain Carlos was a series of Flash-animated educational shorts on Playhouse Disney (now Disney Junior).


In every skit, Carlos would want to eat a healthy food, but his sister Maria pushes junk food upon him. Then, the narrator explains how the junk food can affect your body, and how the healthy food does vice-versa.


The skits have not aired since at least 2008, though rumors have spread that they may be found on pre-2009 Playhouse Disney home media releases.


A handful of the skits are avaliable in Spanish on YouTube, as well as a "rough cut" of an episode on Vimeo. Most of them, as well as most finished English versions of the episodes, are currently lost. The Short "Healthy Breakfast" in English

UPDATE: full finished episode in english has been found! (Bowling, in English)