Angry Birds (partially lost online variations of mobile game; 2009-2014)

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Angry Birds Chrome's loading screen.

Status: Partially Lost

Angry Birds is an action-puzzle gaming franchise developed for mobile phones and PC by Rovio Entertainment. Its games have accumulated over 3 billion downloads in total across various platforms.

Throughout the first half of the 2010s beginning with the release of Angry Birds Chrome, Rovio developed a plethora of Angry Birds games targeted at browsers. Typically, these were created in collaboration with companies or organizations and distributed through Facebook as part of promotional campaigns; thus, they were often temporary and disappeared after a certain amount of time. By the end of 2015, Angry Birds Chrome and all other Angry Birds webgames at the time were discontinued (with the exception of Angry Birds Friends).

Despite the closure of Angry Birds Chrome, the game saw continued use by the AIBIRDS coding competition in the form of a cache archive made available to participants by Rovio.[1] On September 23rd, 2019, the cache was uploaded to the Internet Archive by Riga2ru.[2] Only the first set of levels were playable, with the rest being locked behind a broken login prompt. On April 20th, 2020, a curation for the archival project BlueMaxima's Flashpoint was released through efforts by Wumbo and Computerdude77, restoring the game to its non-cached state and removing the login prompts.[3]

During March 2021, the files for various other Angry Birds webgames were discovered throughout several subdomains of, the hosting provider for web applications deployed through the Google App Engine, by members of Flashpoint and the Angry Birds Modding Discord.

List of Games[edit | edit source]

Game Name Status Playable? Notes
Angry Birds Chrome Found[3] Yes
Retrieved by AIBIRDS and uploaded to the Internet Archive by Riga2ru.
Angry Birds Fuji TV Found[3] Yes
Original embed is only accessible via the Wayback Machine. May crash if the pause menu is used.
Angry Birds Telepizza Found[3] Yes
Original embed is lost. May exhibit cache-related problems.
Angry Birds Wonderful Pistachios (aka Angry Birds in The Hunt for the Golden Pistachio) Found[3] Partial Only the first two levels are playable; the others can currently only be accessed through file swapping.
Angry Birds Tyrkisk Peber Volcano (aka Angry Birds Volcano) Found Yes Discovered by TacoDew.
Angry Birds Philadelphia Eagles Found Yes Discovered by Binaer.
Angry Birds Lotus F1 Team Found Yes Subdomains containing versions greater than are admin-locked.
Angry Birds Ultrabook Adventure Found Yes
(Banner ad)
(Full game) (Hacked)
Full version is hacked to remove calls to Facebook. A banner ad version is included in the curation. It has 14 levels that can be accessed by changing the query string of the URL.
Angry Birds Heikki Found Yes
Game is hacked to bypass broken login and make the embed usable with the modified SWF. Additionally, hosts a (likely earlier) version of the SWF without the sitelock.
Angry Birds Vuela Tazos Found Yes (Hacked) Hacked to bypass the login prompt.
Angry Birds Vuela Tazos 2 Found Partial Hacked to bypass login prompt. Tazos Power doesn't work.
Angry Birds Cheetos Partially Lost No Embed includes a developer interface. Hacked to bypass login but the game freezes when trying to enter a level.
Angry Birds Cheetos 2 Found Partial Discovered by Halo345. Hacked to bypass the login prompt but the results screen doesn't show up.
Angry Birds Star Wars (Facebook Version) Partially Lost No Freezes during loading screen as it likely expects a cached login.
Angry Birds Breakfast Part 1 Found Yes Downloadable version only.
Angry Birds Breakfast Part 2 Found Yes Downloadable version only.
Angry Birds Breakfast Part 3 Found Yes (Hacked) Discovered by Binaer. Hacked to bypass the login prompt.
Angry Birds Social Partially Lost Yes (Earlier build)

No (Later Build)

Rovio's first attempt at an Angry Birds level editor that ended up being cancelled. Wayback Machine captures of the homepage date as far back as March 2011, implying that it may predate Angry Birds Flash. An earlier build was found however it has a small canvas. You have to stretch the canvas in order to build levels.
Bad Piggies Build Found Partial Rovio's second attempt at an Angry Birds level editor that was once again cancelled. An older build can be accessed here. The quest and sandbox function is broken on the newer build, and the shop function is broken on both builds. The embed of the game was fixed recently to use the levels in the database.
Angry Birds Friends (Flash Version) Partially Lost[4][5] No The original version of the game, as newer versions are built with Unity. Many of its core assets were scraped by AngryBirdsBiggestFan before its closure in January 2020. Recently a 2012 scrape of the game was found on a appspot domain and is currently being looked at to hack through, and the embed of Bad Piggies Build was hacked to load levels from Angry Birds Friends
Angry Birds Flash Lost No A tech demo showcased at Adobe Max 2011 which served as the basis for Angry Birds Friends and all other Flash-based Angry Birds titles. The opening animation can be found among the assets for Angry Birds in Ultrabook Adventure.[6]
Angry Birds Google+ Lost No Closed along with the Google+ Gaming Service. Some of its assets can be found in other HTML5-based Angry Birds games.
Angry Birds McDonald's Lost No Originally hosted at
Angry Birds Coca-Cola Lost No Originally hosted at
Angry Birds Advent Challenge Lost No Originally hosted at
Angry Birds Skills Lost No UK-based game. Unknown host.
Angry Birds Radox Found Yes A playable ad for Radox Body Lotion.
Angry Birds Opera Existance Unconfirmed No Likely originally hosted at It was never released to the public. The image is likely a mockup.
Angry Birds Hot Wheels Smashup Existance Unconfirmed No A concept of this unreleased playable ad appeared on Mike Rodda's portfolio. It's unknown if it was ever made.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Footage of Angry Birds Flash's unveiling at Adobe MAX 2011.
An advertisement for Angry Birds Coca-Cola.
An advertisement for Angry Birds Galaxy Note.

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