Arnold Palmer Tournament Golf (found DOS port of sports game; 1990)

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Genesis cover of the game featuring Arnold Palmer.

Status: Found

Arnold Palmer Tournament Golf (also known as Naomichi Ozaki Super Masters (尾崎直道スーパーマスターズ Ozaki Naomichi Super Masters?)[1] is a golf game[2] produced by SEGA of America, Inc.[3] The game was released on many platforms, such as Genesis, Atari ST, Amiga and DOS.[4]

The DOS version of the game was published by Elite Systems Ltd. in the United Kingdom in 1990.[5]


Other than the information written above, there is nothing else known about this game port.

However, the game has been found on the MS-DOS collection eXoDOS[6]


Round 1 on the DOS version.
Round 2 on the DOS version.
Round 3 on the DOS version.
Round 4 on the DOS version.