Around the World with Willy Fog (found Japanese dub of anime series; 1983)

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Status: Lost

Around the World with Willy Fog was a 1983 animated adaptation of Jules Verne’s classic novel Around The World in 80 Days. A Japanese-Spanish co-production of BRB Internacional and Nippon Animation, it was broadcast worldwide and dubbed into multiple languages, finding most of its popularity in Spain, the UK and Ireland. (In Spain, the series is so beloved that it was adapted into a musical[1] in 2008.)

In Japan, the show was titled アニメ80日間世界一周 (Anime Hachijūnichikan Sekai Isshū) and broadcast on TV Asahi from the 10th of October 1987 to the 26th of March 1988.[2] The Japanese dub has remained obscure over the years, the sole footage on YouTube and DailyMotion being the show's opening theme and ending credits.


Yahoo Japan's GYAO! service offers the first episode of the show, but it is region-locked to those outside of Japan.[3] (The episode is titled: フォグ氏賭に挑戦の巻, Fuogu-shi kake ni chousen no maki.) No other episodes are available, despite the entire series being dubbed. The episode has since ripped online. As of mid-2016, more episodes from the show have made their way to GYAO![4]. has a listing for one VHS cassette of Around The World With Willy Fog.[5] (However, when searching using the show's kanji title, be wary of a similar animated film of Puss in Boots that has the Around The World in 80 Days subtitle - shown below.)


Ending credits of the Japanese version.
The first episode of the Japanese version ripped from GYAO.
The second episode of the Japanese version ripped from GYAO.