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The only locatable image of the film.

Status: Partially Found

At a Quarter of Two is a silent film directed by famed film producer Thomas H. Ince that was released on the 13th of July, 1911. Otherwise, not much is known about the film, other than that it stars the actress Mary Pickford, the actor Owen Moore, and its plot involves Mary's (Mrs. Warren in the film according to a Wikipedia article on her filmography, but a reliable source repeating this information cannot be found) life being threatened by a burglar while she is caring for her sick child.[1][2]

In 1995, the Library of Congress (Washington DC, United States) acquired some fragments of a print of the movie.[3] How much of the film was acquired is unclear, and these fragments have never been released online. It is possible that they could be accessed physically at the Library of Congress, but there is no online reference as to their access restrictions (if there are any).