Babe Comes Home (lost silent film; 1927)

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Status: Lost

Babe Comes Home is a silent romantic comedy film directed by Ted Wilde and produced and distributed by First National Pictures. It stars Babe Ruth (in his second film role) as Babe Dugan, a baseball player, and Anna Q. Nilsson as Vernie, Babe's laundress and love interest.

Plot[edit | edit source]

The film centers around Babe Dugan, a baseball player for the Los Angeles Angels. To help him play better, he uses chewing tobacco to the annoyance of the Snow White Laundry, who has to clean his clothing after every game. His laundress, Vernie, attends a game he's in, only to be hit in the eye by a fly ball from Babe. This event eventually leads to the two falling in love and getting engaged. However, Babe's reliance on chewing tobacco hurts the relationship, which in turn hurts his ability to play.

During a crucial game, Vernie comes to see Babe play and gives him some chewing tobacco to inspire him. He ends up winning the game but confesses that Vernie's love was what drove him, after which he swears off of tobacco.[1]

Availability[edit | edit source]

The film hasn't been seen since its first release and is believed to be lost.[2]

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