BabyFirst TV (lost British dubs of infant program; 2007-2010?)

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BabyFirst Logo.

Status: Lost

BabyFirst is a media company that produces TV, Internet, and app content content for babies. The company is based in Los Angeles, California. The educational content includes color recognition, counting, and vocabulary lessons for infants. There are about 90 BabyFirst TV shows and 41 apps for mobile devices. Founded in 2003, they started distributing to DirectTv customers and gradually expanded to other media in the latter part of the decade. As of 2014, the network is distributed to 81 million homes and provides 24-hour content for babies.[1]

In 2007, BabyFirst TV launched in the UK. This was likely in hopes of competing with a competitor called Baby TV, which is still broadcasting in the UK today. Most of the American shows were dubbed with British voice actors to adapt them for a British audience before being released on their British channels.

No footage of the UK dubs of any of its shows has resurfaced. The channel was taken off the air on May 15, 2010, for unknown reasons, though it still airs in Europe and Australia. The UK dubs of the BabyFirst TV shows were available on BTVision starting in 2011, but they've since been removed.

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