Baby Einstein (partially found BabyFirstTV airing of toddler program; 2010-2012)

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Baby Einstein (BabyFirstTV)
A screenshot from the trailer.
A screenshot from the trailer.
Status Lost

Baby Einstein is an American produced direct-to DVD series geared toward young babies and toddlers with an age range from 1-4 years. The show is designed to teach language, nature, colors, and music with classical music, puppets and toys. Around 2010, the show was given a TV adaptation to air on BabyFirst TV, which changes many things. The segments are much shorter, ranging around 5 minutes. All of the episodes are lost, and we only have a trailer.


A trailer from BabyFirst TV's website.



Anonymous user #1

7 days ago
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I had remember having one of these as a DVD when I was younger, with the changes intact. I don't know how we got it, but I do know there was a release.

Anonymous user #2

11 hours 44 minutes ago
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omg my fucking childhood
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