Bar Rescue "Music City Mess" (found episode of reality TV show; 2013)

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Got a failing bar? Jon Taffer will fix it. That's the premise of Spike's hit reality series Bar Rescue, of which as of April 2015, 78 episodes have aired, including one removed episode.

Originally set to air on November 24, 2013, the plot of the episode "Music City Mess" involves (according to Wikipedia) a country music snob with an explosive personality turning to Jon for help. After the shooting of Wayne Mills at the bar where the renovation took place, it was later pulled in favor of a rerun of "Hole in None", but aired on accident three hours later, on November 25, and did not resurface for some time.

However, Vimeo user "some dude" uploaded a copy on July 2015 and can still be viewed there.

Part 1
Part 2