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Battle B-Daman: Fire Spirits! is the second season of the anime series Battle B-Daman. In this season Yamato Delgado is in search of special B-Da Balls called Strike Shots.

While the English dub of season 1 aired in many countries including the U.S., the dub of season 2 aired only in Canada on YTV and in India and the Philippines on Cartoon Network. The dub was produced by Etcetera Group and licensed by Hasbro.[1] Out of 51 episodes, 23 dubbed episodes have been found.


1 "Wishes of the Stars." Found
2 "Two-boy Crash." Found
3 "The Great Brave." Found
4 "Gold Rush." Missing
5 "Encounters." Missing
6 "Battle Runner." Missing
7 "The Chucker-out in the Wilderness." Missing
8 "The Flame." Missing
9 "No Mercy." Missing
10 "Reunion." Found
11 "Goodbye Friend." Found
12 "Count to three." Found
13 "Whiteout." Found
14 "Elergy for the Guys." Found
15 "Countdown." Found
16 "The Way to the Dragon." Found
17 "Youth Carnival." Found
18 "The Qualifiers." Found
19 "Hard to Hit." Found
20 "Hot Shot." Found
21 "Swallow Tail." Found
22 "Inside the Labyrinth Found
23 "Rules to be a Hero." Found
24 "Days of Anger." Found
25 "Semi-Final." Found
26 "Glory with Wounds." Found
27 "High Noon." Missing
28 "Trading Places." Missing
29 "The Fugitive." Missing
30 "Wings of Friendship." Missing
31 "Spider." Missing
32 "End of the World." Missing
33 "Closed Forests." Missing
34 "Caveman." Missing
35 "Twins." Missing
36 "Melody of Betrayal." Missing
37 "Breaking The Waves." Missing
38 "Dagon's a close call." Missing
39 "Day of Revival." Missing
40 "Bonnie and Clyde." Found (LQ)
41 "Howling." Found
42 "When Time Ran Out." Found
43 "Independence Day." Missing
44 "We Are Not Angels." Missing
45 "Please Give Me Wings." Missing
46 "Reviving Ferocious Wolf." Missing
47 "Brainstorm." Missing
48 "Gone with The Wind." Missing
49 "Is There Tomorrow." Missing
50 "Heaven and Hell." Missing
51 "Shoot Facing Tomorrow." Missing