Be a Fighter (lost unreleased Amelia Lily album; 2013)

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Fanmade album cover

Status: Lost

Amelia Lily is a singer-songwriter from England. She became famous after placing third on the eighth series of the X Factor.

Lily recorded the song Truth or Dare for her debut album Be A Fighter. The album was scheduled for release on April 29th, 2013, but was delayed with no release date.

In July 2013, Lily said she delayed the album so it would be "perfect." Be a Fighter appeared on online retailers later in 2013 with a new release date of February 4th, 2014, but was subsequently taken down.

Music Description[edit | edit source]

Lily described the music as a mix of genres.

"There's a ballad on [the album] which I absolutely adore and it really shows the soul side to my voice. People think of me as a rock chick but people forget my first audition when I sung 'Piece Of My Heart'."

"There's a bit of dubstep on there as well which I think will surprise people! The sound is all over the place but I think the record works because we've only included songs that I really connected with."

Fan Projects[edit | edit source]

Fans of Amelia Lily's work had made a playlist on YouTube to try to make the album themselves, taking songs that were supposed to be on the album and put them on a YouTube playlist.

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