Bear in the Big Blue House (partially lost original English audio of Disney puppet TV series; 1997-2006)

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Bear big blue house logo.png

The show's logo.

Status: Partially Lost

Bear in the Big Blue House was a puppet TV series made by the Jim Henson Company for Playhouse Disney. The show debuted in 1997 and ended in 2006.

The show aired episodes regularly until 2003, when the actress for the character Luna, Lynne Thigpen, had suddenly died, and the show was put on hiatus. In the meantime, Breakfast with Bear aired in its place.

The show returned in 2006 and aired its last 8 episodes. Despite airing in 2006, only one of these episodes has been found in English.


The show focused on the adventures of Bear and his friends as they explored the town of Woodland Valley. They would encounter a problem in each episode which would often be solved with the help of family members and friends.

The show was very similar in style to Mister Roger's Neighborhood. Each episode had a different theme, with segments flowing from one to another, and each episode usually having at least one unique song. Every episode had a segment with Shadow, a living shadow girl played by Tara Mooney, and a segment with Luna, the Moon, played by Lynne Thigpen.


Many episodes are found in other languages, but 35 of the show's original English episodes are currently missing.


# Episode Title Status
7 Why Bears Can't Fly* Found (low quality/cropped)
12 Dirt I Love You So Found
14 All Connected Found
20 Spring Fever Found
21 A Plant Grows in Bear's House Found
22 Eat, Drink Juice, and Be Merry Found
27 Ooh Baby Baby Found
28 Raiders of the Lost Cheese Found
30 Clear as a Bell Found
31 Good Times (Cantonese Subtitles, English Audio) Found
32 You Learn Something New Everyday Found
33 Back to Nature (Cantonese Subtitles, English Audio Found
34 The Ojolympics Found
35 The Great Pretender Found
36 It's All in Your Head Found
37 Oops, My Mistake (Cantonese Subtitles, English Audio) Found
39 Picture This (Cantonese Subtitles, English Audio) Found
41 Change is in the Air (Cantonese Subtitles, English Audio) Found
42 Look What I Made (Cantonese Subtitles, English Audio) Found
45 I Built That Found
46 Tutter's Tiny Trip Found
49 I Gotta Be Me Found
50 Buggin' (Cantonese Subtitles, English Audio) Found
51 Love is All You Need Found
52 It's a Mystery to Me (Cantonese Subtitles, English Audio) Found
54 Grandparents Just Want to Have Fun* Lost
55 The Way I Feel Today Lost
56 You Go, Ojo* Found
57 Scientific Bear Found
58 Boys Will Be Boys Found
59 I Was Just Thinking (Cantonese Subtitles, English Audio) Found
60 Wish You Were Here Found
66 Friends at Play Found
68 Lost and Found Lost
71 You Never Know Found
72 It's All About You Found
74 I've Got Your Number Found
76 Bear's Secret Cave Found
79 Wait for Me Lost
82 Tutter Family Reunion* (click here for a song from the episode) Partially Found
85 Let's Get Interactive Lost
91 Bear in the Big Blue House LIVE: Surprise Party Found
93 Step By Step Lost
94 First Day at Mouse School Found
95 Rockin' Rocko Found
96 When Harry Met Hallie Lost
97 Show and Tell Lost
98 Tutter Gathers Some Moss Lost
99 History, Herstory, Bearstory Lost
101 The Amazing Skippy Lost
102 Let's Hit the Road Lost
103 Appreciation Day Lost
106 Big Blue Home of the Brave Lost
107 A Trip to the General Store Found
108 A Strange Bird Lost
109 The View From You Lost
110 To Clean or Not To Clean Found
111 Great Ball of Firefighters Lost
112 Grandma Flutter's 100th Birthday Lost
113 Tutter's First Big Sleepover Bash Found (Polish, starting at 1:35:50)/Lost (English)
114 Volunteers of Woodland Valley Lost
115 Let it Go Lost
116 This is Your Life, Bear! Lost

(*) Released on home video (Hong Kong release in Cantonese/English)