Bee And Puppycat Comic: issues 12-16 (cancelled issues of web comic series; 2014-2016)

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Bee and Puppycat Issue 2.jpg

Second printing of the second issue of the comic.

Status: Lost

Bee and Puppycat is a franchise of internet content that started as its own animated web series in July 2013.[1] The series was picked up and developed into a comic series in 2014 by BOOM! Studios where 11 issues were published.

Issues #12-16 were cataloged and planned to be released, and the release date was pushed back numerous times. A listing is available of the five issues and their supposed plot summaries, which confused production even further.[2] Eventually, the comic's creator, Natasha Allegri, explained that these issues were never intended to be released and the series was left at its eleventh issue.

While there is cover art and some synopses for those issues, it's unlikely that they'll be released at this point. If the creator is telling the truth, these issues also haven't been created yet and they likely never will be created.