Bee And Puppycat Comic: issues 12-16 (cancelled issues of web comic series; 2014-2016)

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BOOM! Studios published 11 issues of a comic based on Bee and Puppycat, a Cartoon Hangover animated web series produced by Frederator Studios, from 2014 to 2016.

Issues #12-16 were going to come out as well, but the release date was delayed multiple times until they were finally cancelled, despite having already shown cover art and synopses.

In an email chain, the comic's creator and writer Natasha Allegri stated that the released blurbs were released ahead of time and the issues were never produced. The writers of the comic requested ending the series at Issue 11. However, Kaboom Comics had already advertised the unproduced future issues in the catalogue for marketing to comic stores. Despite this, the comics still never were in production at all.

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