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The show's logo.

Status: Partially Lost

Behind The Music was a musical documentary series that ran on VH1 from 1997 to 2014 becoming one of VH1's longest-running programs. Created by Jeff Gaspin and Gay Rosenthal and narrated by Jim Forbes, the show profiles mostly famous musicians, locations, DJs, years, and movies that had a cultural impact on the music industry. The show returned with new episodes on Paramount+ on July 29th, 2021.[1][2] All of the show's original 244 episodes would only be aired once and never again, causing a lot of the show's episodes to be lost to time.

The VH1 website used to list the show and all its episodes, which were not viewable. Whenever you clicked on an episode, some text appeared that said "This Video Is Currently Unavailable Due to current rights and restrictions, this video is unavailable, but feel free to check back later. In the meantime, why not watch something else?". Although the episodes were not viewable on VH1's website, it did help in listing all the episodes and their subjects.[3] However, the webpage for the show has since been taken down, now redirecting to VH1's homepage.

List[edit | edit source]

Aired Episodes[edit | edit source]

# Title Status
1 Milli Vanilli Found
2 MC Hammer Found
3 Fleetwood Mac Found
4 Boy George Partially Lost
5 Nowhere To Hide Lost
6 Imagemakers Found
7 Lynyrd Skynyrd Found
8 Teddy Pendergrass Found
9 Billy Joel Partially Found
10 Jim Croce Found
11 Lilith Fair Found
12 Andy Gibb Partially Found
13 The Carpenters Lost
14 The Mamas & The Papas Found
15 Meat Loaf Found
16 Jerry Lee Lewis Found
17 Sonny Bono Found
18 Gladys Knight & The Pips Found
19 Willie Nelson Partially Found
20 Rick James Partially Lost
21 Selena Found
22 David Crosby Found
23 Takin' It To The Streets Lost
24 Jefferson Airplane/Starship Found
25 Ozzy Osbourne Found
26 Ted Nugent Found
27 Joe Cocker Partially Lost
28 Keith Moon Found
29 David Cassidy Found
30 Bonnie Raitt Found
31 Robbie Robertson Lost
32 Blondie Partially Found
33 Gloria Estefan Found
34 Jan & Dean Found
35 Harry Chapin Found
36 Def Leppard Found
37 Studio 54 Found
38 Tony Orlando Partially Found
39 Frank Sinatra Lost
40 Gloria Gaynor Lost
41 Stevie Nicks Found
42 Steppenwolf Partially Found
43 Madonna Found (1998 version)

Partially Found (2001 version)

44 1968 Found
45 Shania Twain Found
46 John Denver Found
47 John Mellencamp Found
48 Metallica Found
49 Leif Garrett Found
50 Lionel Richie Found
51 Rick Springfield Lost
52 Grand Funk Railroad Found
53 KC & The Sunshine Band Lost
54 Motley Crue Found
55 Bette Midler Partially Found
56 Heart Fo u n d
57 R.E.M. Found
58 Marianne Faithful Lost
59 Donnie & Marie Found
60 Depeche Mode F o u n d
61 Duran Duran Found
62 Cher Found
63 No Doubt Found
64 Iggy Pop Found
65 Vanilla Ice Found
66 Donna Summer Lost
67 TLC Found
68 Black Crowes Found
69 Run-DMC Found
70 Julian Lennon Lost
71 Eric Burdon & The Animals Lost
72 Lenny Kravitz Found
73 Badfinger Found
74 Peter Tosh Found
75 Alice Cooper Found
76 Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers Found
77 Red Hot Chili Peppers Partially Lost (1999 version)

Found (Australian version) (2002 version)

78 Weird Al Yankovic Found
79 Poison Found
80 Quiet Riot Found
81 Bad Company Lost
82 Natalie Cole Found
83 Melissa Etheridge Found
84 Woodstock Found
85 Bay City Rollers Found
86 Goo Goo Dolls Partially Found
87 Glen Campbell Found
88 Sting Found
89 Alan Freed Lost
90 Quincy Jones Found
91 Thin Lizzy Found
92 Lindsay Buckingham Found
93 Russell Simmons Found
94 Rocky Horror Picture Show Found
95 Barry White Found
96 Alanis Morissette Found
97 Dr. Dre Found
98 1984 Found
99 1999 Partially Lost
100 Genesis Found
101 The Partridge Family Found
102 Michael Hutchence Found
103 Celine Dion Found
104 1970 Found
105 1977 Found
106 Ricky Martin Partially Lost (2000 version)

Found (2011 version)

107 Elton John Found
108 Tina Turner Found
109 The Police Found
110 Oasis Found
111 1992 Found
112 The Bangles Found
113 The Go-Go’s Found
114 Bon Jovi Found
115 AC-DC Found
116 The Monkees Found
117 Queen Latifah Partially Found
118 Faith Hill Partially Found
119 Ice-T Found
120 1972 Found
121 Peter Frampton Found
122 Styx Found
123 1975 Found
124 Public Enemy Lost
125 Sinead O'Connor Found
126 Behind The Music Anniversary Special Partially Found
127 Cat Stevens Lost
128 Snoop Dogg Found
129 Barenaked Ladies Found
130 Chicago Found
131 Brian Setzer Found
132 Tiffany Partially Lost
133 Creed Found
134 Everclear Lost
135 Rod Stewart Lost
136 John Lennon The Last Years Found
137 2000 Partially Found
138 Flashdance Lost
139 Journey Found (Broadcast)

Found (Directors Cut)

140 Huey Lewis & The News Found
141 Salt N Pepa Found
142 Doobie Brothers Found
143 Megadeth Found
144 Blues Traveler Lost
145 1981 Found
146 1987 Found
147 1994 Found
148 Busta Rhymes Found
149 Ricky Nelson Partially Found
150 Green Day Found
151 The Notorious B.I.G. Found (2001 version)

Found (2012 version)

152 REO Speedwagon Found
153 Hair Found
154 Billy Idol Found
155 Neil Diamond Found
156 Pat Benatar Found
157 Blind Melon Found
158 Twisted Sister Found
159 Judas Priest Found
160 Puff Daddy Found
161 Aaliyah Partially Lost (2001 version)

Found (2012 version)

162 Mary J. Blige Partially Lost (2001 version)

Found (2011 version)

163 The Cult Partially Found
164 Sublime Found
165 Aerosmith Found (Australian version)
166 Hall & Oates Found
167 Sheryl Crow Found
168 Anthrax Found
169 Garbage Found
170 Bob Marley Found
171 Foreigner Found
172 2 Live Crew Lost
173 Hootie & The Blowfish Lost
174 Boston Lost
175 Boyz II Men Lost
176 5th Anniversary Raunchiest Moments Lost
177 5th Anniversary Riches To Rags Lost
178 5th Anniversary Most Shocking Moments Lost
179 5th Anniversary Heartbreaks & Breakups Lost
180 5th Anniversary Near Death Experiences Lost
181 5th Anniversary Update Show Lost
182 Cyndi Lauper Found
183 Matchbox Twenty Lost
184 Britney Spears Found
185 Spice Girls Found
186 TLC: The Final Chapter Found
187 Guns N’ Roses Found
188 George Michael Found
189 LL Cool J Partially Found (both 2004 and 2013 versions)
190 New Edition Lost
191 Backstreet Boys Found
192 Kid Rock Lost
193 Ratt Found
194 Pantera Found
195 Nick Lachey Found
196 New Kids On The Block Found
197 Lil Wayne Found
198 P!nk Found (2009 version)

Lost (2012 version)

199 Bobby Brown Found
200 Bret Michaels Partially Lost
201 T.I. Found (2009 version)

Lost (2012 verison)

202 50 Cent Partially Found (2009 version)

Found (2013 version)

203 DMX Found
204 Christina Aguilera Found
205 Eve Partially Found
206 Courtney Love Found
207 Jennifer Hudson Partially Found
208 Jennifer Lopez Found [4]
209 Usher Partially Found
210 Fantasia Lost
211 Nelly Partially Found
212 Missy Elliot Found
213 Ice Cube Found
214 Miranda Lambert Found
215 Enrique Iglesias Found
216 Adam Lambert Found
217 Pitbull Found (2012 version)
218 Game Found
219 T-Pain Lost
220 Akon Partially Found
221 Nas Found
222 Brandy Found
223 Train Partially Found
224 Ne-Yo Lost
225 Carrie Underwood Found
226 Nicole Scherzinger Partially Found
227 Gym Class Heroes Lost
228 Toni Baxton Found
229 Ludacris Partially Found
230 Linda Perry Found

Canceled Episodes[edit | edit source]

Title Status
Ratt (1999 Version) Partially Found
Scott Weiland Lost

The show has very few episodes that were cancelled. The most notable one is the one on Scott Weiland (lead singer of Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver). It was announced back in March 2009 that Weiland was one of the first artists to sign on to the series alongside Lil Wayne.[5] While Lil Wayne's episode aired on September 10th, 2009, Weiland's episode never aired or was possibly never made. In March 2018, three years after Weiland's death, his Wildabouts bandmate Doug Grean revealed that VH1 didn't interview him enough for the episode, hence why it was never completed.[6] It didn't say who else VH1 interviewed for the cancelled episode like his bandmates in Stone Temple Pilots or Velvet Revolver. It's unknown how far production on the episode went before it got canned.

Availability[edit | edit source]

Episodes have reemerged online through recordings of the original airings posted on various video-sharing sites and reworkings of the original episode. International versions of some of the lost episodes are also available online. Some episodes of the Paramount+ reboot of Behind the Music use clips from their original episodes as part of the reboot's updated version of those episodes. On July 20th, 2022, nine episodes from the original series became available to stream on the platform. A few have updated content edited into it however.

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