Beverly Hills Teens (cancelled sports game based on animated series; 1990)

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Becebege 1.jpg

Screencap of the "Aerobic Test" trial.

Status: Lost

Beverly Hills Teens is a cancelled game that was based on the DiC 1987 animated series of the same name, centering on teenagers living the rich, fun life near Hollywood, California.

Developed by French studio Tomahawk (the French name of the series, "Bécébégé" is visible on the screenshots), the game was originally meant to be released in March 1990 for an unknown platform before the game was cancelled for unknown reasons.


The game would have mostly been a sports game, à la California Games, with separate trials:

  1. "Aerobic Test": the player would have had to follow the moves of a dancer while doing it progressively faster.
  2. "Hamburger Car": outside a snack bar, the player goes into a food fight at a parking lot by throwing hamburgers and French fries.
  3. "Stolen Letter": gameplay is unknown; it would have been centered on a robbery at a Hollywood mansion.

It has been commented on that the graphics looked a lot like they were drawn by Pierre Gilhodes, a graphic artist who is most famous for creating the Gobliiins series. The first Gobliiins game was developed by Tomahawk as well.


No known prototypes of the game have resurfaced in any way and very little is known about the game in general outside of an article on[1]


Screencap of the "Hamburger Car" trial.