Bio-Man (partially found unaired pilot of Haim Saban adaptation of "Choudenshi Bioman" Super Sentai TV series; 1986)

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Bioman Logo.jpg

The Bio-Man logo used by Saban in promotional materials.

Status: Lost

Originally airing from 1984 to 1985, Choudenshi Bioman (超電子バイオマン) was Toei's eighth entry in their long-running "Super Sentai" (スーパー戦隊) superhero team TV series franchise.

In 1986, Israeli-American television producer Haim Saban produced a television pilot adapting the series for American audiences under the title Bio-Man.

According to an article in the Los Angeles Times, the series was a space adventure series about five kids with identical "bio-rhythms" who defend Earth against Zadar's attacks, a half-human, half-robot being who wanted to conquer the world.[1] Said article also mentioned that actor's unions and a coalition of television producers were locked in contract negotiations. While negotiations between the two groups were settled and a pilot was filmed, Bio-Man ultimately never aired.

The Galaxy Rangers promo containing footage from Bio-Man.

In 1992, however, Saban Brands reused footage from the pilot mixed with footage from the 1992 series Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger (恐竜戦隊ジュウレンジャー) as a promotional video for Bandai entitled Galaxy Rangers.

While Zyuranger would be adapted as Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers starting in 1993, it, understandably, utilized different actors from the Bio-Man pilot - which has never been released.

Efforts to find the pilot

On April 23, 2016, user Moodiecitymadman set up a search team on the Lost Media Forums to find the lost pilot.

On August 2, 2016, actor Miguel A. Núñez Jr. was contacted. He confirmed to still have a copy of the pilot.

Actor Paul Schrier was also contacted and said that he had seen the pilot, but that he doesn't have a copy. However, he did say that it's likely in the Saban archives.

Only time will tell if a copy of the pilot surfaces online.

On April 6, 2017, promotional posters for the series surfaced online.