Breakfast with Bear (partially found episodes of Playhouse Disney series; 2005-2006)

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Breakfast with Bear logo

Status: Partially Found

Breakfast with Bear was an American Disney series, that was a spin-off of the show, Bear in the Big Blue House. It aired on the Disney Channel block, Playhouse Disney from June 20, 2005 to September 15, 2006. Each episode consisted of Bear traveling to different kids' homes and helping to aid the child "with their daily preparations, hygienical needs, games, songs, breakfast and other daily traditions".[1]


No official word has been given, by Disney, regarding its cancellation.


Several parents have voiced their disappointment with the cancellation of the show here.


Note: Anything that is in bold are the correct episode names. Anything in italics are the kids Bear visits

S1-1 A Big Leap[2] Kayla of Poughkeepsie, NY Missing
S1-2 Small Talk[3] Aaron (Could be a nickname to one of the kids below) Missing
S1-3 White Flight[4] Rhea (Could be a nickname to one of the kids below) Missing
S1-4 Rerun[5] Abigail of Westport, CT Missing
S1-5 Let's Do Lunch[6] Christopher of New York City's "Big Apple Circus" Missing
S1-? Isa (Could be a nickname to one of the kids below) Found
S1-? Paige of Elmont, NY Missing
S1-? Ryan of Granada Hills, CA Missing
S1-? Amanda of Oxnard, CA Found (low quality)
S1-? Rachel of San Marino, CA Missing
S1-? Giavanna of West Hills, CA Missing
S1-? Noah of Northridge, CA Missing
S1-? Rachel of Cypress, CA Missing
S1-? Mackenzie of Fallbrook, CA Missing
S1-Finale Jonathan at Fort Irwin National Training Center (U.S. Army Base near Barstow, CA) Missing


Hey, It's a Brand New Day Theme
Morning Mambo
Website (Instrumental theme song)


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