Cartoon Lost and Found (found live-action/animated Nick at Nite special; 1990)

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Status: Partially found

Apparently a late night television special, broadcast on Nickelodeon, specifically on the Nick-at-Nite bloc, in the early 1990's--the exact date unknown. If it was meant to be a pilot for a series which was never "picked up", or some kind of one-off TV movie, is unknown but several facts are known for certain.

First and foremost, it starred Adam West, famed actor and former star of the television series Batman, as an older man who worked at a secluded office where the remains of old film reels were kept, each one part of what remained of some old cartoon from the 1950's and 1960's including such things as Cool McCool, Super Chicken, the Mighty Hercules and even Speed Racer, an anime dubbed for American audiences. Various other characters would come and go as the special continued, but the basic premise and structure revolved around Adam West assembling the remains of these old cartoons, feeding them into some kind of device which would then play haphazard reconstructions of the shows. Full episodes were never shown, instead bits and pieces, some showing no more than the opening theme.

Ironically, despite the series focusing on allegedly "lost" media, it has become lost media in it's own right. So far only a single, partial segment of Cartoon Lost and Found has ever been located, seen in a single YouTube video posted by someone known as Matthew Hasson on Jan 19, 2015, seen here. Save for this video, and part of two promos used to advertise the show prior to it's airing, no other remnants of Cartoon Lost and Found exist.

This is especially bizarre, considering literally no evidence appears to exist on the IMDB filmography of Adam West, who starred in the show. Whoever the other actors were, they have yet to be identified, and if any evidence exists on their IMDB profiles it has not been found.