Chadtronic's Oculus Rift videos (partially lost YouTube series; 2014)

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A screenshot of one of the formerly lost videos.

Status: Partially Found

Chadtronic is a YouTuber who makes reaction videos in a style similar to H3H3 Productions, another popular YouTube reactionist. He currently sits at over 450,000 subscribers as of November 2017 and has made several types of videos, such as toy reviews and podcasts.

Sometime in 2014, Chadtronic had originally uploaded a series of VR videos to his channel. They mostly consisted of him playing various Nintendo games with the Oculus Rift. For reasons unknown, he had removed every one of these videos, assumingly due to his reaction videos becoming quite popular.

As of now, he had uploaded 5 out of 14 VR videos on his second channel and two more videos this one, and this one have surfaced as well. It is unknown if he will be uploading the rest of them to the channel or if he even has them anymore. They cannot be viewed through the Wayback Machine either.

Little else is known about these videos.

Update: As of May 5th, Chadtronic has now stated he will release a few lost videos through his Patreon page. It is unknown at this time if he will release all of the VR videos that he has produced through said page.