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|The Salad
|The Salad
|Tom intervies a millionare and tries to seek a chartiable donation.  
|Tom intervies a millionare and tries to seek a chartiable donation.  
|<span style="color:red;">'''Lost'''
|[https://mega.nz/file/sEsgDZSS#NPRP1fMx_TKglzd6o74Rh-6sEsOtBo0spL7qL3M4WtM <span style="color:green;">'''Found'''</span>]

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The cast of Come to Papa.

Status: Partially Found

Come to Papa was an American sitcom that aired on NBC in June of 2004. Starring comedian Tom Papa the show was revolved around Tom who is a reporter for a newspaper but wants to become a comedy writer in the hopes of moving out of New Jersey.[1] Hopes were high as Tom Papa had worked on Saturday Night Live and other late-night comedy shows and the show had a lot of big names, but the show was panned for not being funny. Twelve episodes were made, but eight never aired. Only a few short clips of the show have since surfaced.


Come to Papa revolves around Tom (Tom Papa), who is a reporter for a newspaper and his wife Karen (Jennifer Aspen). Tom aspires to write comedy so that he can leave New Jersey. At work, Tom must put up with his boss Belvin (Steve Carell), as he tries to force to staff to like him more.


Right out of the gate, the show was critically panned for not being funny. Critics stated that the cast looked forced to deliver their lines. Many were also let down as the show's cast had a massive cast of top-level comedians performing very poor when compared to their other works.[2] As the show received very poor ratings out of the gate, NBC pulled to show before all twelve episodes aired.


Due to Come to Papa receiving very negative ratings and low viewership, NBC cancelled it after the fourth episode aired. As of the writing of this article, only one episode has surfaced, and there have been no home media releases or re-runs of Come to Papa.


  • Tom Papa as Tom
  • Jennifer Aspen as Karen
  • Robert Patrick Benedict as Judah
  • Richard Riehle as Crazy Benny
  • Steve Carell as Blevin
  • John Salley as Mailman


Episode List

# Episode Synopsis Status
1 The Tire Guy Tom write an ad for a tire salesman, Judah tries to collect a bet, and Belvin can't get black coffee. Found
2 The Pep Talk Tom tries to fire up a losing baseball team with a pep talk about Babe Ruth. Lost
3 The Salad Tom intervies a millionare and tries to seek a chartiable donation. Found
4 The Crush Tom's parents attempt to steal from him, while Tom meddles with the love life of his wife's friend. Lost



A three minute clip from Come to Papa.

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