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Welp, the English version of Windy already turned up in a Classic Sesame Street episode's official release on HBO Max – thanks to you not sharing the English audio online via the event. In fact, Episode 847 "The Wicked Witch of the West" isn't gonna be released at all thanks to some selfish people who recorded the audio AND video of the episode screened at the event and leaked it online on several video platforms. As MoMI said, nothing was to be recorded and shared from this event, and doing so will cause multiple serious effects such as for one, Sesame Workshop terminating their relationship with their fans AND the Jim Henson Legacy, and secondly, Sesame Workshop prohibiting future "Lost Episodes" events by withholding the rest of the classic footage. If you're not aware, Sesame Workshop AND MoMI once contacted Dycaite (the founder of this Lost Media Wiki) and demanded him to remove the links to the audio AND footage of the episode that was recorded and leaked from the event.