Not As Bad As It Seems...At All

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Ok, no lie, I have actually seen this thing multiple times. So this is my "review" kinda...

At the end of the day this movie isn't that bad. The acting is, honestly, perfectly fine. It's no better or worse than any other animated TV Christmas special, see Rankin Bass. Some were even really good! More so the music is downright GREAT with some really catchy, Ear Worm-type songs, and the end song ("In A Child's Eyes") was really well done and the performance was great. Honestly, it's NOT a bad movie, both in plot and frankly in any other major aspect. The main problem is that the animation is a literal SIN AGAINST GOD! But really, if the animation was even as good as like any one of those other 70's Christmas animated specials people would either actually like this movie or see it as no different than any other Christmas special...and to be perfectly real with you, I'm not even entirely sure of the "it was all a scam" mythologies behind this stuff.

It genuinely seems more like someone who had ZERO experience with CGI attempted to make a Christmas special, and largely succeeded...but failed MISERABLY when it came to the animation. If someone, anyone, with a fraction of actual skill at animation remade this, scene for scene, people would call it a really enjoyable movie.

And I say this as someone who was part of the "searching for years" crowd who was expecting the worst possible scenario when it came out. I was genuinely shocked at how...not that bad it was, not counting the animation which is empirical proof of Satan, but that's the main drawback.