Sesame Street has Now Became Popular!!! :) :) :)

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This show got many home media releases. And best of all, Sesame Street has tons and tons of merchandise, such as games, books, toys, cloths, apps, etc. And I checked on TV as it for March 2021, This show was still airing on TV. And This Show was featured on theme parks. And also, It has it's own theme park. And It has the movies that they released in theaters.. And Also, They had the specials, Their own segments, etc. And Also, My opinion on Sesame Street, It was a really great and interesting show to watch, It has cool segments, likable characters, and fun songs. And It teaches kids individual letters, numbers, words, and many others. Even though I'm 18 years old, I still like this show to this day, even some of the people who grew up watching Sesame Street when they were as their part of their childhood. And I'm so pissed that Sesame Street has some lost, unfinished, and unaired episodes, specials, and segments.