Possible found image?!

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<a rel="nofollow" class="external free" href="https://imgur.com/a/yKVyH">https://imgur.com/a/yKVyH</a>

Don't know if it's real or not. Seems to be an image, not a screencap of the actual thing. Maybe it was used in newspapers? I can't find a source for this, just stumbled upon someone posting it in the Discord's #shitposting. If it's Henry, don't know why he's smiling, he has no reason to in this whole thing, but it might be Gordon since they both look similar and he appears near the end of the story teasing Henry. Either way I hope this is real, because then we have an actual look at this thing for the first time. If it is Henry, it's either not from the actual thing or they just didn't bother to make other faces for the characters, it was live and they probably didn't have enough time to switch faces between shots after all. They were planning for this to be a whole series, so maybe they would've made more faces for the characters, or not because my previous theory. Either way this is something.