Cooly Skunk (found build of unreleased Super Famicom port of platformer; 1995)

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Cooly Skunk (unreleased Super Famicom version) 1.jpg

One of the screenshots.

Status: Lost

Cooly Skunk (クーリースカンク Kūrī Sukanku), known in the USA as Punky Skunk, is a 1996 PlayStation platform video game developed by Ukiyotei and published in Japan by Visit and in the USA by Jaleco USA.[1] The player controls an anthropomorphic skunk, Cooly (Punky in USA version) who needs to save the world from the evil Wolf Pack. Its game plays much like other side-scrolling action games, featuring a set of special tools such as a skunk spray, digging claws, and a snowboard. Although it was released for the PlayStation, it seems that the game was unfinished.

This game was originally planned to release for Super Famicom on February 23, 1996, at 9,300 yen, but it was cancelled likely due to the new PlayStation and Saturn consoles, that “killed” the SNES and Mega Drive/Genesis market. The game was shown at the Shoshinkai 1995 event.

Only some screenshots and no prototypes or other information of the original unreleased Super Famicom version have resurfaced. However, on November 16, 2019, someone found an Satellaview 8M cartridge which game inside being sell for high price at Super Potato in Akihabara, possibly confirming that game was either had an BSX broadcast or just utterly put the game as an prototype for some reason.[2]

Afterwards, no more information had given about the cart till January 18, 2020 where Forest of Illusion made an contact for the current owner and was saying for $355. So, they set up an donation request and succeeded reached it in less an hour. This mean that ROM will be release soon.[3]