Crash Team Racing (lost build of cancelled "Crash Bandicoot" racing game; 2010)

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Title Screen.

Status: Lost

Crash team racing is a cancelled game For PlayStation 3, Wii and Xbox 360. It was Developed by High Impact Games. The game was Cancelled by Activision and reworked into Dreamworks Super Star Kartz. This is the second cancelled Crash 2010 game, the first was Crash Landed. In 2012 There was leaked 9 screenshots of the game. Sometime in 2014. a video was posted on youtube showing game footage.



Screenshot from the game.

In 2009, Radical entertainment began working on Crash Landed, a new major Platform and a reboot of the series. To accompany this reboot, a sister game was being developed concurrently by high Impact Games, a studio composed mostly of ex-members of Naughty dog and Insomniac Games. It was Cancelled by Activision in early 2010. It was cancelled when Activision had decided to lay off the entire development team of Crash Landed and Crash team racing 2010.

Crash Team Racing (2010) Gameplay