Culter35 (partially found YouTube videos; late 2008-2009)

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Anthony with Smosh at VidCon in 2010.

Status: Partially Found

Culter35 is the YouTube channel of 21-year-old Anthony Mennella. The channel has received over 100 thousand subscribers and more than 25 million views. From early 2008 to 2009 he was known for being a Guitar Hero player and uploaded videos of him playing the game. Besides Guitar Hero, the channel posted a lot of skits that parodied Smosh and other YouTubers. There are some videos of his available on the playlist of his first channel Clank35. But the only old videos that have been publicized are "Interactive Stranded Game", "YouTube 789 Gathering", "The Sanyo Xacti (Ft. ShaneDawsonTV, ShayCarl, and LisaNova)", and "Anthony Goes Shopping".

Like other popular YouTubers, Anthony has either privated, deleted, or unlisted the majority of his older videos, though various ones are available on his Clank35 channel.                                 

Lost Videos

None of the videos Anthony had uploaded from late 2008-early 2009 are publicly available today. There was a series named "Pablo Sanchez", which featured Pablo & Fabrizio. Additionally, there were videos such as "The Start Of Frank Scattora & CC Yaz", "iPod N' Cold Katy Perry", and "Oreo Commercial" . Some bloopers can be seen on Vimeo.

Other info

Anthony created other channels which he posted content to: "CulterBloopers", "CulterProductions", "cluter35", "cpclank35", "clank35""CulterVids", "CulterUnboxing", and "TheAbnormal35", but some of them lack his older videos. It is currently unknown if Anthony will release his old videos to the public or not.

Partially Found

On June 26, 2015, Anthony uploaded a video titled "REACTING TO OLD VIDEOS!" which featured various videos from early 2008 and early 2009. On August 28th of the same year, the sequel, "REACTING TO OLD VIDEOS 2!", was posted. The sequel featured videos from mid-late 2009.

List of Videos That Are Currently Not Available

  • How (NOT) To Make The Perfect Video
  • Food Battle Parody
  • 4th Of July! (Imitating Fred)
  • That Guy 3 & 4
  • Those Dang Robbers
  • Those Dang Robbers 2
  • The Magical Talking Guitar
  • The Magical Talking Shoebox (Part 1)
  • Nesquik Commercial
  • Grandma!
  • Sour Patch Kids Commercial
  • You're too Young/ The Breakup
  • A New Partner
  • Are We Back Together?
  • Thank you for saying your welcome