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<references group="Notes"/>
<references group="Notes"/>
==See Also==
*[[Apache Baseball Academy (found Isao Takahata anime series based on manga; 1971-1972)]]
*[[Breaking into the Big League (lost sports drama film; 1913)]]
*[[Brooklyn Dodgers 2-5 6-1 Cincinnati Reds (lost footage of MLB doubleheader; 1939)]]
*[[Nintendo Pennant Chase Baseball (lost build of unreleased Nintendo GameCube baseball game; 2005)]]
*[[Texas Rangers @ Cleveland Indians, June 4, 1974, (partially found "Ten Cent Beer Night" baseball game; 1974)]]
==External Links==
==External Links==

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D'Myna Leagues.jpg

The show's logo.

Status: Partially Found

D'Myna Leagues is a Canadian animated series produced by Studio B and distributed by Sony Pictures Television, which premiered between January 6, 2001, and May 18, 2002, on CTV.[1] The series revolved around a baseball team of birds known as the Mynas, who are frequently sabotaged by a fat cat named Radcliffe, who wants to demolish their baseball stadium and make it into an amusement park.

The series ran for 26 half-hour episodes, broadcast over two seasons. The first season premiered on CTV between January 6 and March 31, 2001. Season 2 aired on the channel between February 23 and May 18, 2002.[2] While the first season was released on home video and is available online, the later episodes suffer from limited availability, with no official release.

D'Myna Leagues also aired on BBC Kids and YTV in Canada; The WB 100+ Station Group in the United States, Cadenatres in Mexico, RTL Klub in Hungary, and TV Nova in the Czech Republic. A few episodes played at Baltimore Orioles and Houston Astros baseball games during the 2003 and 2004 MLB seasons.[3]

YouTube user DangerousVHS has uploaded twelve episodes of Season 2 in Czech, as well as one in English.

Episode List[edit | edit source]

# Episode Title[Notes 1] Air Date
14 February 23, 2002
15 March 2, 2002
16 March 9, 2002
17 April 20, 2002
18 April 27, 2002
19 March 16, 2002
20 March 23, 2002
21 April 13, 2002
22 May 11, 2002
23 May 18, 2002
24 March 30, 2002
25 A Starling is Born[4] April 6, 2002
26 May 4, 2002

Gallery[edit | edit source]

The Season 2 episode "Showdown" in English.
The Czech dub of the season 2 episode "The Aluminium Chef".
The Czech dub of the season 2 episode "The Tribe Has Spoken".

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. In the broadcast logs submitted to the CRTC by CTV, the show's episode titles are not shared. Given the episode numbers listed, it appears the channel aired the second season out of production order. No episode guides, including the one from the series' official site, list "A Starling is Born" as the twenty-fifth episode, nor the fourth episode of season 2. It's therefore difficult to discern which episodes the other dates refer to.

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