D-Team: The Kidnapping of Professor Zig (lost builds of unreleased mutli-platform action-adventure game; 2012)

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Wii boxart for the game, featuring the main characters (from left to right: Jack, Suzy and Bob)

Status: Lost

D-Team: The Kidnapping of Professor Zig D-Team: The Kidnapping of Professor Zig is an unreleased action-adventure game developed by Bigmoon Entertainment (now Saber Porto), which was planned to release in May of 2012 on the Wii, PC, iOS, and Android, and was also slated for PS3 and Xbox 360 releases in December of that year. [1][2] Aside from screenshots, no gameplay videos or trailers for the game have ever been released.[3]


The game is based on the Portugese cartoon series "Tic Tac Tales", which was also produced by Bigmoon. An evil wizard named Xarabin kidnaps Professor Zig, plotting to use the Professor's latest discovery to create a weapon that would enslave the world. Meanwhile, General Doom advances with Xarabin's army of Gargs, conquering land, air and sea. To try and save the world, the billionaire Mr D. called upon his team of heroes, known as the D-Team, to defeat Xarabin and rescue Professor Zig.