Danielle LaRue (partially lost police letters; 2002)

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Danielle LaRue.jpg

Danielle LaRue before her disappearance.

Status: Partially Lost

On New Years Eve 2002, the Vancouver Police Department's public service letter received an anonymous letter. The unknown writer described a woman in the local sex trade, admitted to killing her, and apologized to her family for doing so.[1] Investigators believe the writer was referring to Danielle Marissa Lynn LaRue[2] (born 1977), a 24 or 25-year-old woman from the Neskonlith Indian Band within British Columbia's interior.[3][4]

Danielle had an abusive childhood. She ran away to the streets of Prince George, British Columbia when she was barely a teenager; started using drugs to cope with her trauma; and worked in the sex trade to fund her addiction. She moved to Vancouver shortly after her mother died in 1995[5] and lived in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside neighbourhood for over five years before her disappearance in late 2002. Her exact date of disappearance is unknown.[1]

Letter[edit | edit source]

The letter was typed out, left unsigned, and had no contact information.[5] Around half of its contents have been redacted from the public, likely to maintain the integrity of Danielle's case.

However, the letter begins with the writer claiming to have previously sent a message to police about the incident. None of this letter has never been shown to the public and it is unclear if the Vancouver Police Department ever received it.

Publicly released letter

Videos[edit | edit source]

Trailer for Danielle LaRue's episode of Taken
News segment about VPD Cold Cases, featuring a brief interview with Danielle's sister
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