Davey and Goliath (partially found offensive dub of clay-animated series; 1994)

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This article has been tagged as NSFW due to its offensive subject matter and tone.

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An image portraying the two main characters.

Status: Partially Found

Davey and Goliath is a Christian stop-action clay-animated series created in 1961 by Art Clokey, Ruth Clokey, and Dick Sutcliffe. The show's premise was about a young boy, accompanied by his dog, getting into all sorts of moral conflict with his friends and eventually learning a life lesson at the end of each episode. The show was made to indoctrinate young people about the Bible and teach good morals.[1]


In 1994, several hand-me-down VHS tapes containing at least 14 dubbed episodes of the series were discovered in a university. The tapes were dubbed over to have offensive, raunchy, and crude undertones to make the series more appealing to an adult audience. Sometime after all of the episodes were dubbed over, a group of Lutheran church members found the tapes and threw most of them into a fire due to their religious beliefs. It is unknown who dubbed over these tapes due to the disclaimer at the beginning of the first episode stating that they would prefer to remain anonymous. The disclaimer says as following:

"The following program contains extremely explicit language that will be considered offensive to most people who may have any moral qualities whatsoever.

The producers have decided to remain anonymous, however we extend our most humble apologies to anyone who is sensitive to this material.

Thank you, you dick."

Due to the end quote of the episode's disclaimer, the dubbing was nicknamed the "You Dick" dub by fans.


Only two out of the fourteen of the VHS tapes were recovered and archived online in seemingly poor quality. Various reuploads are able to be viewed on YouTube as well as downloaded through a Google Drive folder.[2]


Part 1 of the dubbing

Part 2 of the dubbing

Part 4 of the dubbing

Part 5 of the dubbing


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