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|title=<center>Deal or No Deal ABC Pilot</center>
|title=<center>Deal or No Deal (ABC pilot)</center>
|image=Cr DealOrNoDeal 1.jpg
|image=Cr DealOrNoDeal 1.jpg
|imagecaption=A photo of the pilot.
|imagecaption=A photo of the pilot.

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Cr DealOrNoDeal 1.jpg

A photo of the pilot.

Status: Lost

Deal or No Deal is a long running game show that's been airing in various incarnations since 2000. However, four pilot episodes for one version of the game that didn't quite stick was brought to ABC in 2004.

Differences and Reception

According to one review of the pilot, (2nd paragraph under "Viewing Get Together") the show was a bit different compared to the NBC version, including it having 26 contestants who would compete against each other to be chosen by the host (Patrick Kielty) to win the grand prize. Additionally, the ABC version also included a "lame musical package" that the reviewer claimed felt more fitting in something like Family Challenge than this show. The final contestant won a prize of $250,000, but it's unknown if the contestant was ultimately paid on account of the show not airing.

Another photo of the pilot.

Aside from the ABC executives not thinking it was good enough to air and the reviewer's opinion, the audience themselves were also reportedly "horribly disinterested" in what was going on.


While a tape with at least one episode on it is confirmed to exist, said tape has not been put online and none of the episodes are not currently viewable in any form.